Saturday, December 11, 2010


This post is just a short disclaimer.

When I'm writing my posts, I don't tend to think of my audience. This is because I haven't really been able to pick and choose. Who are my target audience really?

A friend today claimed that the posts were keeping her up thinking about some of the things I've written. Someone else approached me about the Lotto post which I thought had gone pretty much unnoticed.

So when I was talking about classes (lower vs. middle), I didn't actually consider how each side of those groups would take what I had written. In saying that, take offence and comment on it... or don't. Personal choice and all of that.

This is something to bear in mind when reading my blog. It's not really a place for me to be politically correct (the origins of this blog exclude that). It's also not me being subtle. At times I wonder how those I'm writing about might take some of the stuff that's on here. My conclusion is normally "Sod it. I'm doing it anyway".

Why am I writing this quick disclaimer now? I want to open up a bit. I know, I've been fairly candid. I've suggested that I might be a bit of a "mama's boy". I've constructively criticized events that are basically politically correct motivated events. I want to do something on the really candid subjects. I'm not talking about politics (heavens knows I've already gone there). I'm talking about religion.

That, and the fact that it was commented on today.

Oh - opinion everyone. If you barely knew someone but wanted to get to know them better. Would a gift voucher for the movie theatres be a good idea for Christmas? With a card saying something like "Merry Xmas, take me?". That could be read oh so many ways (have a good snigger you dirty minded people out there).

[quick edit]
There's the suggestion that this could come across as a conditional present. Presenting the vouchers without a comment in the card might come across a lot better. And the end result? If she were to ask me to come along, there's a bigger pay off and less of the wondering if she'd invited me because of the obligation stipulated in those two words up there. If she didn't invite me along? Well no biggie. Does fortune really favour the bold?

[Another edit]
I've just been talking to a friend who enlightened me a bit more on this front. The approach is just plain weird. Why not just ask her out to the movies? It's better than waiting around for a particular result. I've always thought that a movie was actually a really bad date idea. You sit in the dark, next to each other, not talking. However, there's value in it. If you find yourself irritated by the person during the movie, then there's a fairly good chance that you'll find yourself irritated by her. It's not just the movie that's of value. I've always been a huge fan of going out for a coffee afterwards. Sitting around and talking about your impressions of whatever movie. The movie provides a point of commonality. You've both just seen it - what are her impressions? Do you respect those impressions or find yourself slapping your forehead wondering what the hell she's thinking?

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