Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When Complaining Doesn't Work

I've tried to stay fairly neutral about the places I've worked for in the past. I've never blogged about which courier company it was that I worked for.

And finally, I'm breaking that silence.

The reason being, since I left there, it has taken 2-3 weeks to get anything delivered by them (overnight my butt), a hell of a lot of time and phone calls and finding my way to their various depots to get anything within those 2-3 weeks, a lost passport. And it's happening again.

To say I'm not happy would be an appalling understatement.

I know that it's not impossible to get things to me. Courier Post do a fantastic job. The driver knows me by name, face and address so even if I'm working in the area and he sees me, he'll hand over the items right then and there. Even on his Saturday run, he knows there's always someone home and so will deliver it on the Saturday without anyone paying for the Saturday delivery. He knows to go to the back door. This guy goes above and beyond. Great courier, and never any hassles with the company.

However, New Zealand Couriers, part of the Freightway Group, has never managed to deliver a single package to this address in a timely manner. Never. There's never any card left, letting us know that a courier has been. It's always up to me to realise that I haven't received a package that I was expecting, and to follow up on it. Even upon following up on it, I seem to get the worst Customer Service Representatives (CSR) ever.

At one stage, I asked the CSR to send a message to one depot to send the package back to another depot for the weekend so that I could pick it up. After managing to arrange a ride out to that depot for that Saturday morning, I went to the depot only to find that the package wasn't there. With the same package, I went out to the depot it was at originally only to find that the driver had it on board - 2 weeks later. So the package wasn't at the depot.

And the passport? New Zealand Couriers is owned by Freightways. Freightways owns a bunch of other related businesses - Post Haste, DX Mail and Travcour. Travcour take the hassle out of visa applications. Go there, spend a bit of money for the convenience, give them your passport and in about a week, your visas should be sorted out. That is, until they lose your passport.

I have to say, my experience with Travcour was actually quite a positive one. They spared no expense in getting a new passport done up over the weekend and the visas sorted out. But I maintain that the only reason I got the passport in a timely manner was the fact that there was no time to deliver it. I picked it up at the airport on my way out. In other words, not handled by Freightways at all except to get it from Wellington to Auckland.

This time around though I find myself gritting my teeth in quite a dramatic manner. The package was forwarded on to New Zealand Couriers by DX Mail. According to their track and trace information it was then delivered, and then picked up an hour later by that same driver - in other words, delivered to the wrong address. That was yesterday. Today, after querying this, I get an email from them saying "The package is showing that it was delivered, can you please confirm your address?". I've got another package, coming from the same online store, which I assume I'm going to have the same hassles with. ETA is Thursday/Friday. At this rate I'll have worn through my teeth, made to sit on hold for hours on end (I swear, it's like calling IRD), made several attempts to get the package before getting it in about 3 weeks time.

Each and every time this happens, I place a complaint. Soon after, some misguided soul decides to send me a package via them (despite usually making the request that they don't use New Zealand Couriers) and it happens again. So now I've got no choice but to boycott Freightways and any company that uses them. Because it truly isn't worth my time trying to chase up couriers.

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