Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I thought I would do this post now.

The name Nevyn is actually a named I picked when I was 18. I needed to reinvent myself.

I was 18. Suffering a bit of depression and self destructiveness. I was reading a bunch of books by Katherine Kerr. The central character in a whole series of these books was a guy named Nevyn. The name, which felt like it fit at the time, supposedly means "No One".

In the books, the characters father renames him "Nevyn" while banishing him from his kingdom.

The character lives for hundreds of years sort of in the background. An influencer of great events. The advisor of kings for example in a story that explores the idea of reincarnation.

So even though the name was taken in a rather cynical context, the character kind of grew with me.

I made an interesting discovery a few years later. I was typing my name while not looking. I wasn't looking at the keyboard or the screen. I looked up and saw Mrbum on the screen. Confused, I looked down and did it again. It turns out, on a standard qwerty keyboard, if you displace each key to the right by one, you end up with Mrbum.

So, a name that suits me and allows me to be me. My real name always makes me feel... oppressed. It's only really used nowadays in the Indian community and legal documents. Otherwise, it's Nevyn. Done and dusted.

And the real name? I'm not telling :p

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