Friday, November 26, 2010

Eating my hat (or selling my soul)

I thought I should probably do my last post of the month on me eating my hat. My attitude to social media has had to change just slightly. With the addition of another follower (Welcome room 6 of St Pius School - that's like... 30 odd followers right?) and the anticipation I hold whenever checking my blog, I've had to admit that this is actually not too bad a way of communicating.

Don't get me wrong. When I asked someone if they had checked out the blog last week, she replied with "No, I thought I'd have a conversation with you instead", it all came rushing back to me. Why I had resisted doing this sort of thing for so long? When I told a friend about what she'd said he asked me "is she cute?".

There is a story behind this. We were having a drink one day with a girl that we both quite liked and we were laughingly scoring her (She gets our sense of humour and has made us suffer since). She got a phone call on her cell phone, said to the person "I'm at the pub with some friends. I'll talk to you later". That was it. The both of us looked at each other. There was no more scoring to be done. He married her (lucky sod).

The problem I had with it is that it seems so much more meaningful to send the people I wanted to keep in contact with an email. Something individualised. So I'm not really broadcasting something. Rather, I'm expending time and effort to communicate with people rather than expecting them to come and keep up to date with me.

I still maintain. There's nothing social about sitting behind a keyboard typing away.

The thing is, I'm actually meeting people via this blog. That big mass of people in the staff room who, given my tendency towards shyness, I wouldn't have spoken to otherwise have suddenly gotten some idea of my personality, sense of humour and above all else, just how incredibly clever and awesome I really am ;p I'm even considering getting in contact with Room 6 at St Pius just so that I can meet them rather than them being an abstract concept on my monitor.

It hasn't all been roses. I got threatened in the staff room - "You're not leaving here without telling us your real name." It's really not that big a deal. I said perhaps I should do something like leave clues on finding the name - something along the lines of a scavenger hunt for the letters in no particular order so they'd still have to shuffle bits of paper around to figure it out. Or I could do something a little more subtle. Purposefully put a typo in each of my posts on this blog which involved the letters.

I've got a friend in Hong Kong. She trained as an engineer, graduated and got a job for a firm in New Zealand who do international contracts. I bumped into her one day - I didn't even know she was back in the country. It turns out she'd sent out an invite for a few drinks at her parent's place on Facebook. Given that I have a big aversion to anything Facebook, there was no way I would have known to go over so it was just plain luck that I bumped into her. So I still hate Facebook for removing the thought of me from people's minds. Had it been an email, I might have had a shot at finding out about it (without the random chance element).

So I guess this post is kind of for her (Hi Bird - I won't publish your name without permission). Though I haven't changed my position on the likes of facebook, I am now finding myself relying on social media to keep everyone up to date of what I'm doing. I'm broadcasting in that way that I consider fairly... anti-social. Except that I have found a reason (or excuse?) to do so.

Given that this is my last post of the month (I've given myself an arbitrary limit of 16 posts a month because otherwise I would be doing nothing but writing more posts), I thought I'd go through some of my ideas for next month.

I wrote a couple of short stories a long long long time ago. Before any of my friends were married. So I thought I'd finally publish them - on the blog.

I've taken the day off from school today to do some work on what I'm terming a 2nd pilot. Taking those things that I've learnt in the last 2 weeks and applying them to a new build for Manaiakalani. This probably means that come Sunday night, I'm going to be frantically building a new image and testing what I'm terming the "Keys to the Castle" - because we don't have admin rights to the student's machines, we need some way of resetting passwords as well as things like reimaging. So there will probably be a few more posts on that - how it's going, the changes to configuration and how those decisions were made etc. The "Keys to the Castle" will also be instrumental to the virtual machine images I've got to nut out.

As part of the Manaiakalani project, I've started to put together another website on Google sites. I don't recommend this as it's a little annoying. Rather than being able to define bits of the text as "heading 1, heading 2, paragraph etc.", it only has font controls (so take that font, make it a little bigger and bold) which I'm hating in a big way. I suppose I could do it via HTML but that kind of defeats the purpose of the interface that Google provides. Anyway, the new site can be found here. Basically it's a support page for the whole project. So where teachers might find some interesting resources for implementing netbooks in the classroom, what problems I know about, what I'm doing about those problems, what the technicians need to know etc. So I'll do a post about that once I've had a bit of time to throw up some content. I have come to realise that it's pointless my trying to teach the kids anything - instead, I'm better off giving a little guidance on how they can find the information to learn something themselves.

And hopefully I'll come up with more posts that leave me feeling self-satisfied. A sprinkling of cleverness here, a bit of wit there, and Bob should be my sister's mother's husband's brother.


  1. Is bob actually your sisters mothers husbands brother??

  2. I read very carefully for typos, clues, anything! Perhaps a scavenger hunt later in the week then!!

  3. @Liz

    As far as I know - there is no Bob in the family. If there was some time in the past (during that generation) chances are I wouldn't know. Us Indians can be so racist at times....

    @Helen (Miss K)

    *lmao* I'm not goiNg to do it in the post I'm considering the idea... that'd just be silly. ;)

  4. lol, it was a joke nevyn. wasnt requiring of an answer. Would have been a lovely chance of fate if there was a Bob in the family somewhere. Maybe get a dog and name it bob? bob the dog..

  5. *grumble* tired. My sense of humour seems to be failing me at the moment :/

    In saying that though - this blog is kind of an opportunity to be horribly honest about some things. In which case, in the interests of disclosure, it's probably not such a bad question to answer.