Friday, November 19, 2010

Being Interesting

I wonder about CV's.

Having had the opportunity to go through a bunch of CVs at one stage, it's amazing just how boring CV's really are. We're encouraged to keep it short as the people reading them aren't going to want to trawl through a 1,000 pages.

There are standard formats and standard bits of information to provide about yourself.

What if, we were to throw all of that out the window? If there was a way to provide a little information and then allow for the reader to be able to then reference more information on something?

I was talking to a friend and she was talking about the idea of a table of contents for a CV. Instead of the same old 3 page format, you'd follow that format in summarizing your CV. You would then provide additional information in proceeding pages.

This gives you the opportunity to put in a bit of character. This would definitely make you stand out from the rest. Whether that's in a positive light or a negative one is debatable.

But if you've been trying to get a job for a while using the same old 3 page approach, it couldn't hurt to try this approach. I'm seriously considering it. I'll send a link to it if I do decide to try making a CV using this approach.


  1. I think this idea of doing CV's is different and it might work. Probably stand out from so many other similar CVs.

    I will definitely try this new format for the CV and see how it goes!

  2. I had a couple of requests last night for just such a CV. It'd be great to see what people's impressions of these CV's are - like the people who visit this blog.

    So if anyone wants to share their CV with the rest of us, send it to me and I'll make it downloadable.