Friday, October 15, 2010

TV3 News and Advertising

I was quite disgusted tonight.

It was bad enough that back in 2007 the NZ Herald had, as their front page story taking up 2 thirds of the front page, a photo of an electrical storm, with a small story. The story wasn't about the storm itself. It wasn't really about what may have caused such a storm. It was instead about how a photographer, an employee of the NZ Herald, had gone down to Mission Bay to take the photo. I got really grumpy about this. I couldn't believe it. A work .... person noticed I wasn't in that great a mood and I told her why. She then said to me, "at least there isn't any bad news." Imagine people actually believing that the world is this really fluffy place where there aren't conflicts happing everywhere and industrial atrocities and where the only news to report is what the papers employees are up to.

In comparison though, that's fairly light weight. TV 3 News just feels like it's becoming more tabloid like every day.

A couple of weeks ago they reported on the Australia's Next Top Model debacle. The night after they followed up with an interview with one of the would be models. I'm reminded of the movie sniper - only instead of bullets and kills, it's "1 almost story, 2 nights". I kind of wish they'd give all shows this kind of air time. It would at the very least be entertaining.

"And now we come live from the set of Banana's in Pyjamas where B1 has stolen and run away with B2's new hat"

Tonight though takes the prize.

As part of the Chilean miner rescue footage, TV 3 News had an "interview" with a psychiatrist. Rather than let the psychiatrist talk though, they told us what she said, asked her how females might react in the same situation then showed her expression before showing us a couple contestants from NZ's Next Top Model (just like the American or Australian ones except that the models seem to be even more ... dim than any other version - hard as that may be to believe) and a couple of people who went to a Metallica concert and asked them if they would be able to survive 69 days in close proximity to each other.

The models, in full model style talked about how they like to eat and how the preconception that models don't eat is wrong. I'm assuming that this was actually a cunning way of answering the question without getting into the bloody details of how they'd kill another model with a rock to the head and then eat her flesh as a way of solving the issues that may occur as a result of being trapped with the same 30 odd people 700 metres underground.

The attendees of the Metallica concert claimed that it'd be fine so long as they had a stereo and some Metallica cd's.

I guess if I was in the media and had to say a prayer it would be something like this:

Dear lord,
May never an opportunity to promote an ultimately failing show never go untaken and may we always find ways of making news fluffy, like a kitten - because everyone likes kittens.

The only course of action I can really see for TV3 to take at the moment is to change the name of the show. Call it.... "Entertainment Aotearoa" or something. What they're presenting isn't the news. I wonder if they could get done for false advertisting.

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