Friday, October 15, 2010

Not About Cats

I've never really used a blog before. Okay - that's not strictly true. I did do a few posts for Software Freedom Day '09. And lo and behold I really quite enjoyed it.

The problem I have with blogs though is that they remind me of those sites that used to be EVERYWHERE. You know the ones. They had javascript galore to make things sparkle and follow the cursor around the screen. The use of animated gifs was nauseating. And most of all, most of them seemed to be about cats.

I must admit, at one stage I did have one of these sites. That one wasn't about cats either. It was instead something much worse. Poetry I had written when I was 16. You know the sort of stuff. The "Woe is me, no one has ever felt what I feel right now" sort of stuff. Had Douglas Adams read it, I might have been a contender for the worst poetry in the universe instead of Paula Nancy Millstone.

This doesn't really explain why I've decided to start "blogging"... I'm not a big fan of new technology (which is often really old technology rebranded - reminds of something else from Douglas Adams about the infuriating personalities on elevators and the rediscovery of stairs). I don't understand a lot of it.

For example, Facebook. That "social" networking site that allows you to put your details out there so that your friends can keep track of you. I don't understand why I would want to put my details out there so that my friends can keep track of me rather than them taking 5 minutes out of their lives to send me an email - it has so much more meaning. Oh and sitting in front of your computer has NEVER been social. I want the word social back.

But my favourite pet hate... The most silly technology out there. Twitter. I especially love that this has become a political tool. Participate with various political parties via twitter. Get your complex ideas out there in 140 characters or less. I'm so waiting for this to catch on just about everywhere else. Just imagine it... write an essay on the sociological themes expressed within the movie Fight Club in 140 characters or less.

So why start blogging now? I often find myself frustrated. I quite often watch the "news" and find myself cursing at the television. I know it's not the TV's fault but the stuff that's on there just has me ranting and raving and puts me in a really bad mood for the most part. So okay, that's a bit of a negative message.

I have a positive one as well though. I do a lot of stuff around Linux and have been trying to get into education. I'm doing quite well really. So I thought a blog might be interesting to let people know what I'm up to. I'm the worst person ever for selling myself so perhaps if I can point people to this blog as an indication of what I'm up to or have been doing, they'll get some sort of idea of what sort of person I am.

So, welcome to this blog. Here's hoping it's full up with content and even better, perhaps it'll validate my vanity by having a couple of readers.

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