Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is New Zealand for Sale?

I needed say anything here but I'm going to anyway...

Has the value of filming "The Hobbit" movies been overstated?

I ask because you talk to just about any American and New Zealand is already sort of known as "Middle Earth" - a label "earnt" from the filming of "Lord of the Rings" movies here. I don't think I've ever used quite so many quotations in single sentence. Would it actually take anything away in terms of tourism in New Zealand?

And then, while we're asking questions, since when has the government interceded in industrial disputes? May I never have John Key in my corner. And come to think of it, why did it receive so much media attention? Do we need to ask question things like "Who owns the media?" and "What was this all about anyway?". And while we're about it, let's ask questions about the rate of pay for secondary (and you can be sure, pretty soon, primary) school teachers during this economic climate when put in the context of money that's being handed over to Warner Brothers (More on this in another post).

There's a sound bite in there somewhere I'm sure. Just imagine John Key saying one of the following:
"I did not have sexual relations with Warner Brothers"
"Is it really sexual relations if I didn't swallow all of it?"
"Negotiations were extremely productive though I was confused by their use of the word 'gimp' while referring to me."

It all seems horribly reactionary to me. Credit's due to Labour and The Greens who are taking probably an unpopular (if the media is to be believed) stance on the issue by opposing the law changes.

This is definitely an issue that bears some discussion.

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